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About Hyre

People who flow together grow together

Pronounced as "higher."

Hyre Fire & Flow is a performance artist and music festival brand and production company located in Southern California.


We create a platform for fire spinners, flow artists, musicians, and artists to connect, collaborate, grow and thrive.


Need a performance artist for your event? You can also book DJs, visual artists, circus performers, fire spinners through us!


The Hyre Mission is to inspire a curated co-creation between artists and participants to raise the collective vibration. We create  a space where flow & movement is honored as sacred medicine and shared freely.


It is a place where circus artists, musicians, and participants can meet to network, and share skills while furthering the culture of open expression that lends itself to truly incredible experiences. 


By joining in the joyous fabrication of a unique shared experience like Hyre we are able to push forward the boundaries of what would not be otherwise possible.

Hyre Offerings:

1. Fire, Flow, and Mindful practice education. 

2. Inspirational and eclectic music. 

3. Nourishing meals meant to satisfy the mind, body, and soul. 

4. Harm reduction, safety, and consent workshops. 


5. Networking opportunities


6. Private Performances and Classes


Our Story

Hyre is based off of the world Pyre, an ancient cremation service that orignated in ancient Greece. We didn't choose this name to dwell on "death" or the negative, but rather to speak to the cycle of life and creating a culture of elevation and raising the vibration of the collective conscious.   

charities we work with

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