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Events and festivals are inherently unsustainable due three main reasons:

1. Site remoteness

2. Density of occupants

3. Resource consumption

Part of the HYRE mission is to mitigate these challenges around event sustainability by the means of interactive education, playful participation, and ecological transformation.

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While environmentally-minded choices are voluntary, we hope to help the Hyre community understand the importance of your participation in working towards a “zero-waste” event.  To see what this looks like in-action, we focus on 4 categories  that are highly encouraged eco-friendly opportunities.  

1. Food: 

The largest source of waste and physical trash at festivals.  

-Group meals provided: 2 breakfasts and 1 dinner.  

-Bring reusable dishes, silverware, and beverage vessels [REQUIRED]

-Avoid single use packaging and pre-packaged meals.

-Meal-prep at home and unpack foods into reusable containers.

-Cook together.  Communal Kitchen, bring food to cook and share when the kitchen is open. Group meals are low-waste, easier, and way more fun!!

-Leave packaging at home. Please unpackage all that new swag, festy items and toys you want to come show off.  We promise we will still be impressed even though the tag isn’t on it anymore.

2. Water:

**All water is brought to the site, there is no wastewater system. Please CONSERVE the water and respect its scarcity.**

-Water Stations.  There will be 3 easy-to-find water fill-up stations, one near camp, one in the kitchen, one near the dancefloor.

-DO NOT bring plastic water bottles. They are single use.  Your best option is to bring 5 gallon reusable jugs and fill them up at your local grocery store.

-Please do not pee everywhere: Yes the plants like water, but with 200 people peeing in different spots throughout the weekend we are going to be walking in piss.

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3. Fuel:

  Transportation and the corresponding fossil fuel energy is the largest direct negative impact to our environment in going to a festival.

-Please carpool, use the group link below to organize rides and schedules. 


-Solar Charging Station. The venue will be utilizing a large solar charging station near the dancefloor.

-Renewable Alternatives. Consider only using gasoline generators when absolutely necessary.  Rechargeable batteries are amazing and can power most of our needs.

4. Waste:

  Lets, get trashy, not trashed!  There will be cool rewards for participants that voluntarily pick up trash, help collect and sort, and overall campsite sustainability efforts.  Pack it in, Pack it out.

-At the gate you will be provided 2 waste bags; Blue is for RECYCLING, and clear is for trash. Please help us sort at every chance, it makes it wayyy easier in the end.  The recycling bag can be dropped off at the gate/trash collection center on your way out.  The trash bag is either packed out or taken for a 10$ fee. 

-We have 4 PART collection systems.  Glass, Cans, Cardboard and Trash.  Receptacles are easy, accessible, and labeled throughout the grounds.  If the waste in your hand isn’t glass, cans, or cardboard, it’s TRASH.  

-Avoid single use like the plague!  We use it once and it lives in the landfill forever.

-If you have objects or items that break, before throwing them away, consider if they can be repurposed  in making trash art, recycled construction, or put in an alternative waste stream.

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from our sustainability manager:

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