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Image by Marcela Laskoski
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DJ | Event producer





San Diego, CA





Profusely creative, highly energetic, spontaneous body grooving are just a few words that describe the vortex Spaceman Creates when he’s on the decks. He is deeply inspired by grooves hailing from our planets most ancient cultures. He aims to connect others to light, laughter & purpose through the use of carefully crafted DJ sets that span the range from chunky disco funk to deep playa temple bass. Through the use of deep trance-inducing rhythms, he is able to bring audiences together through dance and movement. His passion for dance music culture is apparent in every event he produces and participates in. His music festival Hyre is setting a new standard for education in fire flow and circus arts and his full stage show is an intense sensory experience that features a live visual set, high-energy acrobatics, breathtaking fire performance, & colorful blacklight costumes.

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