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Visual boo

vJ | Event producer | cinematographer



San Diego, CA



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When I was three years old I was the voice of Boo in Monsters Inc. As I grew up, I preferred to be behind the camera. I developed a passion for cinematography and loved every part from creating a story, getting the perfect shots, and editing it all together. I've worked with restaurants in Los Angles, filmed weddings, and made recap and promo videos for numerous events and festivals.


When I met Spaceman he was already performing as a DJ and traveled all over the world doing it. He knew I loved filming, creating motion graphics, and visual art in general. He asked if I've ever heard of a "VJ." I soon learned that while a DJ mixes music live, a VJ mixes videos live. That propelled me down the habit hole and put me where I am today.

I still love to film and edit and I use a lot of footage that I've shot in my visual effects. I've now  VJ ed for a variety of different events and have learned that VJs usually sit in a booth. What makes The Spaceman and Boo show so unique is that we are on stage performing together under blacklight, with go-go dancers and fire spinners.

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